Tropes vs Women Tantrum Contest

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Tropes vs Women Tantrum Contest

Post by katz on Sat Mar 09, 2013 1:24 am

This is a contest to find the whiniest, brattiest, most entitled response to Anita Sarkeesian's Tropes vs Women in Video Games video(s).

I'll start us off with a mild one, but with some nice hand-wringing on the second-to-last sentence:

I love how she says that women are objectified within the damsel in distress themed story arks. Does she really think that men within these games are just competing against each other for the prize of a woman? does she consider that the developers obviously programed love into game?

Furthermore how does one go about stating that genders and gender roles are social constructs? I mean is evolution nothing to her? Does the patriarchy make male peacocks dress provocatively?



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Re: Tropes vs Women Tantrum Contest

Post by myoo on Sat Mar 09, 2013 9:47 am

Ugh, I saw one on Tumblr, that had such gems as:

IDK I’m disappointed. Valid points are made but this is not worth $158,992. For this video? $1000 maybe. $900 of it going to the visual effects in the video and $100 for her makeup or something. Repeat that $1000 for every video in the series and pocket the rest.

[...]she insisted that Peach was only playable and not a damsel in distress in Super Mario World 2 and for superficial reasons, which is incorrect as she failed to mention the game Super Princess Peach where Peach rescues a captured Mario.

Which is a lie, by the way, because she mentioned that game and said she would address it later.

Then considering the religious metaphorical context of good versus evil where relatively satanic looking Bowser (and his little imp demon koopas… kappas… Japan, etc) repeatedly attempts to capture or subdue Peach, you can begin to see how Peach is the matriarch and idol of all the toadstools and by being so represents a position of power and respect. Peach is order and Mario must bring order back to their world. Bowser is capturing Peach to throw the mushroom kingdom into disarray and seize power for himself, so by that manner alone, Peach is an icon of power. Mario isn’t Bowser’s arch-nemesis, it’s Peach.

And this last one from a different person

Now I’m inundated with posts on tumblr about how she “destroys the argument” at a piss poor ted talk. And I’m gradually losing respect for the opposite sex. I’ve unfollowed people on tumblr who talk about how great she is, because it actually causes bile to rise in to my throat.



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Re: Tropes vs Women Tantrum Contest

Post by Karalora on Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:30 pm

Get a load of this asshat at TV Tropes:

I didn't want to get into this again but Shirow, she totally did play the damsel in distress that she's criticising. All comments on Anita's Kickstarter video needed to be approved before posting and, while I'm not so paranoid that I think she was filtering out all positive comments (and the reasonable, non-trolling negative ones), she did go on to post all the abuse on her blog. So it's only logical that she wanted the abusive comments at the forefront to gain the sympathy that she wanted. The same sympathy that netted her $158, 000, a ton of interviews and flights to TEDxWomen and EADice.

For her to approve the abusive comments she was receiving and post a screenshot of them on her blog is a clear sign that she didn't think anything of them; if she truly found them morally wrong, then she wouldn't have approved them. Or would've blocked the commenters or refused to allow comments on the video at the first sign of trouble. She would not have tried to garner sympathy by posting them on her blog. All she was doing was preying on the sympathies of people who were offended by those comments and giving her money because they thought she was a victim.

Even without all that, however, my respect for Anita took another nosedive after she referred to herself as a "survivor" of online abuse at TEDxWomen. There are a lot of victims of online bullying and abuse who are driven to suicide because of it. A lot of those victims may not have committed suicide if they had $158, 000 to fall back on and I think it undermines those victims by calling herself a "survivor" when she's only benefitted from the abuse that she herself orchestrated.

Edit: Okay, not "orchestrated", but she didn't deter it anywhere near as much as she could've.

This same poster goes on to make the claim that when a game features a Damsel In Distress who must be rescued by a male player avatar, it's the male character who is unimportant, since his only job is to rescue the girl.


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